The Design Tech Secret That Brings Your Content Marketing to Life

The Design Tech Secret That Brings Your Content Marketing to Life21 May 2015, Richard Smith

Great content is essential for effective digital media. But the best digital content is shaped by great design.

Digital tech companies who provide design and publishing services aim to deliver easy-to-use, creative and responsive content that showcases their users’ product or services on any device.

They create digital content such as newspapers, magazines, apps, sales materials, business intelligence and catalogues that are highly engaging and interactive, with high quality images, videos and text.

With the right colours, layout, images, font and text, the best design can grab the reader’s attention, offer an intuitive user experience and provoke the reader’s need to find out more.

Design is Often Limited by Rigid Templates

However, even today’s best tech companies only offer a limited design service.

Despite employing teams of talented developers and designers, with skilled marketing teams and copywriters, great content is often restricted by rigid template settings and hard to adapt placeholders.

great content is often restricted by rigid template settings and hard to adapt placeholders

Even companies with software that offers responsive design options, or advanced adaptive design are restricted. They can’t update their content design automatically or redesign web pages or apps intelligently at the touch of a button. This is where we come in.

Contented™ Offers Optimised Design for All Digital Formats

Using innovative artificial intelligence (AI), Contented™ offers companies bespoke content layout design software for any resolution, with instant optimisation for desktop, tablet, mobile or print views.

Forbes magazine has identified mobile-friendly content and design as essential to successful content marketing. Smaller screens need easy-to-read fonts, eye-catching headlines, re-sized images and ‘tappable’ buttons for easy navigation.

This in-built mobile functionality also ensures that all new content will appeal to Google’s new mobile-optimized algorithm, ensuring high quality content marketing receives the search recognition it deserves.

Simple and Easy to Use

Contented™ is simple and automated. According to McKinsey , this is a key element of content marketing success because simplicity helps companies make quick and effective decisions.

Content that has a simple, no-fuss design is easy to navigate and a pleasure to read or watch. Pages and sections that are eye-catching and clearly defined make the content digestible and shareable.

The best design focuses on the most beautiful aspect of the product while the content intrigues the reader to find out more.

Personalised Content Design

Personalised content design helps to build a unique brand image. Marketing science understands that colour and layout subconsciously shape a readers’ emotional response to a product or service.

Personalised content design helps to build a unique brand image

A personalised approach allows design to complement content and maximise its impact on its target audience. To do this, Contented™ integrates seamlessly with existing design software to create a unique page layout for each piece of content.

The capacity to avoid repetition and respond intuitively to content maximises the audience appeal of each page and also helps to boost search engine results.

The Flexibility to Keep Pace with Change

A recent report on the future of content marketing revealed that one of the five elements of content marketing success was the ability to respond quickly to a rapidly changing consumer landscape.

By using AI technology to automate basic design decisions, Contented™ frees companies to respond creatively to market changes, giving them the ability to focus their time and energy on content that will have the greatest commercial impact.

Putting Content at the Heart of Design

At the same time, Contented™ puts content at the heart of design. Instead of operating within the limitations of software templates and rigid layouts, users have a whole new range of design possibilities.

Companies can take advantage of advances in content marketing science, creating pages that reflect the latest understanding of their target audience’s expectations and preferences.

Designers and copywriters are freed to use their creativity to come up with groundbreaking new online experiences, making the most of mobile technology, micro videos and social media to inspire users and drive business conversions.

Companies can take advantage of advances in content marketing science

The Design Secret That Brings Content Marketing to Life

Now that Contented™ is available to turbo charge your company’s design software, the sky is the limit when it comes to powerful, effective content marketing.

Simple to adopt and implement, Contented™ is the design secret that will bring your content marketing to life.

Anna Warrington
Contented uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive content led layout and design to help deliver better results in content marketing. Contact us below for further information


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