Automatic Pagination

Using artificial intelligence, Contented creates automated page layouts, designed and presented based on user defined rules and canvas size. Our technology creates layouts designed from actual content, without the restrictions of a template or placeholders. As content updates, your pages update, redesigning automatically and intelligently.

Multiple Layouts

Contented can create multiple layouts based on your rules, for you to choose from. Whilst always finding the best possible layout for your content, Contented can present a range of options matching your criteria or to use more than one for A/B design tests.


Your content is personalised, so why not your design? Each layout can be based on unique personalised content, and every output generated individually. An individuals personal preferences and screen canvas can also be considered in creating truly personalised layouts.

Save Design Time

Contented minimises design overheads by automating the design process in seconds. Imagine unlimited design resource but without the cost! Free your thinking by removing restrictive templates and placeholders, allowing content to drive your design at the click of a button.


Seamlessly integrate the Contented engine into your own or third party products. Boost the value of your platform or content by adding Contented Artificial Intelligence using our API, delivering personalised automated layouts of content in real time.

Multiple Feeds

Contented accepts multiple client feeds from API’s, RSS or XML, as well as allowing you to input content manually, before creating truly personalised layouts. Once designs have been created from your content, Contented can output layouts in multiple formats such as PDF and HTML.

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