4 Reasons Why Layout Technology Can Take Content Curation to Another Level

4 Reasons Why Layout Technology Can Take Content Curation to Another Level27 May 2015, Richard Smith

Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

However, what are the limits to content curation services, and how can new layout technology ensure that the real benefits of mined data are maximised for publisher and end reader alike?

1.Relevant content – relevant readers

With over 100,000 tweets per minute, 700,000 pieces of Facebook content shared per minute, and nearly 600 new websites created in the same period of time – to say the Internet is a busy place is a slight understatement. We live in a world of content noise, where our demand for relevance is essentially like locating a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, business intelligence, news aggregators, and curation services are developing new tools and technology to make this search pretty easy for us.

Needless to say, even with the assistance of data mining tools and content algorithms, the sheer mass of information constantly being churned out means inevitably we will often be presented with material which isn’t of interest or relevance to us.

Artificial intelligence technology can help address this issue by presenting end readers with paginated layouts of curated or sourced content, personalised and selected based on end reader. Articles can be arranged and presented by relevance or of most interest, ensuring most visual interaction with those specific pieces of content.

Articles can be arranged and presented by relevance or of most interest

Moreover, from a business perspective- layouts can be generated and presented on an individual, department, or wider group basis-ensuring content selection and presentation can be driven by geographical or role specific relevance.

2. News on the go

With the increase in users of mobile devices, and the limited time available for accessing news and content during business hours, content curation only solves half of the issue. Sure-its extremely effective to give snapshots and highly relevant recommendations of content to those people on the move, but often accessing that content is still a problem. Problems remain in accessing online content when there is limited Internet connectivity, or even the time taken to switch between websites, sources, and accounts.

Presenting multiple feeds of mined and curated content in paginated layouts, means content can be downloaded for viewing offline within one digital publication. Stories can be arranged in visually appealing, readable forms, with personalised index pages helping readers quickly navigate to content of most interest. Furthermore, artificial intelligence adaptive design ensures content is optimised and enhanced for the device it is being accessed on-presenting the best possible end user experience for the reader.

content can be downloaded for viewing offline within one digital publication

3. Maximise content marketing objectives

As content is curated from various brands and sources, it strengthens the connection between vendor and customer. Often this can become a two-way relationship, with content being shared by both parties – further maximising visibility of content and information. Furthermore, curated or personalised content will help louden a brands voice and identity- helping its readers identify where the company stands on industry spectrums or best practices.

The importance of design in the world of content marketing is imperative, and without strong, visual, design principles – content can become unappealing and hard to embrace. Curated content presented in visually attractive layouts and designs will become critical in engaging the mass market, enhancing share chances, and returning positive content marketing results.

curated or personalised content will help louden a brands voice and identity

4. Dynamic content

With the ever changing, real time world of content publishing we live in, demand is greater than ever to have on the pulse access to news and updates. Looking at this from a business perspective, important decisions are made and reacted to based on industry events and happenings. Whether this is looking at senior personnel movements, competitor product launches, or a change in share price- the insistence for having access to this information quickly is seen as a priority. Social media and news alerts are helping to provide content quicker than ever before, and advances in mobile technology are only expediting this process.

Presentation and layouts of this content can be modified and generated as content changes, meaning dynamic and personalised digital publications can be read and shared time and time again. Furthermore, adverts and notifications can also dynamically change and update visually based on the end reader and personal preferences.

Richard Smith – Contented New Business and Relationship Manager
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